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Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July weekend fellow Yogis! Do you have plans to BBQ, enjoy the sunshine or watch the fireworks? In case you’re still wondering what to do with all this nice weather, here are some holiday happenings in the Portland area:

• Waterfront Blues Festival: Take a blanket, pack a picnic and groove to some live tunes at this year’s Waterfront Blues Festival! Shows will be happening on the grass all weekend, so check out http://www.waterfrontbluesfest.com/
for details on who’s playing and when. Channel your yoga spirit and show the City of Roses your moves! This is also a great spot to watch fireworks- starting at 10:00 pm, this display at Tom McCall 
Waterfront Park is the largest fireworks show in Oregon

• Independence Day at Fort Vancouver: An all-day extravaganza, this festival has something for everyone. Bring the whole family and enjoy food, drinks, games and entertainment. Finish the night off watching an amazing fireworks show synchronized to music. Check out http://www.fortvan.org/pages/fourth-home
 for the full scoop

• Oaks Park Fireworks Spectacular: Music, fireworks and everyone’s favorite- carnival rides! Let the kids play while you enjoy the sunshine and friends. Check http://oakspark.com/upcoming3.html for prices and details

If the crowds are to much for you, why not have your favorite people over and grill in your yard? Here’s a great link with 4th of July themed snacks and drinks http://allrecipes.com/Info/holidays-events-and-occasions/july-4th/main.asp

Can’t see any fireworks from your yard? Try theses spots to chill out and watch the shows:

  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • Mount Tabor
  • Rose Test Gardens
  • Pittock Mansion
  • Top of PSU parking garage on 6th and Harrison
  • Portland City Grill
  • Sellwood Park (you can see both Oaks Park and downtown from here!)
  • West Hills: Terwilliger near OHSU has many spots.

Be safe, be happy, have fun!

Picture from: http://www.pdxpipeline.com/2011/06/30/where-to-watch-fireworks-on-july-fourth/


Sun Salute!


Summer in Portland is… unbeatable. When the sun comes out, the streets fill with smiles, exposed flesh and the smell of backyard BBQs. An open patio seat is hard to find and bodies lay strewn about in parks- victims of the Vitamin D assault. We even seem to forget the 8 months of incessant rain that only just stopped yesterday. It’s on these glorious days that it can sometimes be a challenge to take our bodies out of the sun and into the studio. So instead of compromising one for the other, why not take your practice outside? Yoga is, after all, about unity. When it’s practiced in nature, your connection to the universe may feel more readily available and your sense of awareness will have room to grow and evolve.

Outdoor yoga exposes the senses to external stimuli that otherwise may be missed while indoors. Rather then letting the elements become a distraction, try using them to enhance your experience- a light wind can bring you back to your breath, the feel of the sun on your face may inspire you to open the heart just that much more, and a newly opened flower can provide the perfect focal spot while you invite stillness in.

One especially difficult aspect of practicing outside is uneven terrain. But instead of getting frustrated or disengaging, is it possible to use the challenge to cultivate patience and acceptance? Experiment with grass, sand and soil, mat or no mat, and feel the different muscles engage with each. Enjoy the elements between your toes.

Being outside can also help you connect with your poses on a deeper level. “By putting your body into the shape of a tree or a stretching cat, by exploring the graceful wingspan of a bird or the fluidity of the Sun Salute, by breathing with the same cyclical sense as the tides or with an ocean sound, you evoke a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe,” says Jane Jarecki, a Kripalu Yoga teacher at Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga in Vermont.

There are several options for taking your practice outside. Perhaps you start alone, doing a few simple poses in Laurelhurst park while taking your dog for a walk. Maybe that evolves into a group of you and your friends meeting at Mt. Tabor for a sunrise session and picnic breakfast.  Or maybe you go for the ultimate outdoor yoga experience and sign up to join Yoga Union on their epic adventure to Wanderlust this July (http://squaw.wanderlustfestival.com/home)!

Speaking of Mt. Tabor, we plan to meet on the top of the hill for a rejuvenating hour of yoga in the park. Bike, drive, walk or roller skate yourself and your mat to the top of of Mt Tabor at 3:00pm on Sunday, June 26th. We will be up on the hill with light refreshments (with $5-$10 donation) and open hearts, as we bring yoga out into the community for the first time this summer.

Whatever way you choose, enjoy the experience and revel in the beauty nature provides us. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Happy yoga-ing!

Information from:

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s Yoga Product Highlight Day! Today we are not so much highlighting a yoga product as we are a whole yoga shop. We don’t sell their products in the our little yoga shop, but we wanted to let you know about an amazing yoga store here in Portland.

Lululemon is an international yoga product company based out of BC Canada that specializes in “technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits”. Not only do they have a wonderful store nestled behind Whole Foods in NW Portland, but they also teach classes once a week right out of their store. This month is extra special because Lululemon is highlighting Yoga Union Community Wellness Center for the whole month of February.

Lululemon does more than sell yoga products, they also teach classes right out of their store! Along with highlighting Yoga Union, they have asked to our our teachers to teach this months yoga classes. Both Tess Velo and Lyf Gildersleeve have been chosen by Lululemon to represent Yoga Union, teaching a total of 2 classes each. We don’t yet know what style of yoga they will be leading, but we encourage you to head over to Lululemon and check out what products they have to offer!

Ladies, do you need new yoga shorts or a new skirt? Maybe your old tank top is worn and tired? Check out their collection of yoga products geared for women and get ready for spring with a new tank top. Gentlemen, have you been wearing an old pair of sweats or track pants and been curious what it would be like to have an outfit that was specially designed for doing yoga? Hop on over to their online shop and find a whole range of cool products that do have some stretch, but not when it comes to your wallet.

Here’s the Lululemon February teaching schedule if you were curious about joining Tess or Lyf this month.
Tues., Feb. 1st, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tess Velo
Tues., Feb. 8th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tess Velo
Tues., Feb. 15th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Lyf Gildersleeve
Tues., Feb. 22nd, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Lyf Gildersleeve

Thanks Lululemon for highlighting Yoga Union Community Wellness Center and for providing Portland with some of the freshest yoga gear.

Yoga Union with Sianna, Jan 2011 Rock the Bhakti Tour, Playshops, Music and more!

Sianna Sherman is an internationally recognized certified Anusara Yoga teacher. In 2008 she was chosen by Yoga Journal as one of 21 talented young teachers who are shaping the future of yoga. Sianna playfully weaves alignment, therapeutics, and creative sequencing with stories, poetry, and Tantric philosophy that embraces the fullness of life. She has a special devotion to Collaboration, Community and Collectively Conscious Gatherings. She bows to all her teachers on this path of Grace, especially to John Friend, Paul Muller-Ortega, and Douglas Brooks.

Radiant Health – Therapeutics for the Upper Body
Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment are powerful tools of transformation to help bring the body into a state of ease with the optimal blueprint. This class is for anyone who wishes for greater health in the shoulders, neck and upper body. Class will be an interactive, hands-on approach. Come ready to help each other.
Tapasya – Stoking the Inner Fire
Come join this alchemizing evening of stoking the inner fire with a potpourri of asana and full on devotion. It’s the path of the heart and the heat of our innermost dedication that turns lead into gold. Be ready to sweat and shine.
Brilliance, Bhakti and Backbends
Wake up your brilliance with this up-tempo practice of standing poses and backbends for all levels of practitioners. Together we will ignite our practice with the path of Bhakti Yoga and infuse our lives with the power of Love.
Listen Within – Hips and Meditation
The afternoon session will be an in depth exploration of hip openers, twists and some basic inversions to guide each person into the inner terrain of the ultimate teacher within.
Calling All Courageous Hearts!  (Intermediate/Advanced)
Jump in and play the edge in this lively practice of arm balances and deeper backbends with the Goddess Durga as our inspiration.  Durga rides the lion as a symbol of the yogi’s courageous heart. Bring an open mind, willing heart and smiling eyes.