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200-Hour Teacher Training – Yoga Alliance Certified

This is a three-part Vinyasa teacher training designed to give you a full skill-set for teaching yoga.

Our program will focus on developing tools such as thematic class design, fluid sequencing, creative flow, authentic heart language, powerful adjustments, clear anatomy instruction, and therapeutic yoga for private clients.

✿Learn to Teach with Confidence!
✿Fluid Sequencing and Creative Flow
✿Meaningful Theming
✿Anatomy and Physiology
✿Safe and Therapeutic Alignment
✿Powerful Adjustments
✿Group Teaching Exercises
✿Constructive and Encouraging Feedback
✿Tantric Yoga Philosophy
✿Holistic Health
✿Community Outreach

Part 1 – SET THE FOUNDATION. Minimum one year of consistent yoga practice (three days per week).

Part 2 – THE ART OF TEACHING. Completion of Yoga Union Part 1 teacher training or a 200-hour teacher training elsewhere.

Part 3 – REFINE AND SHINE. Completion of Yoga Union Part 2 teacher training or at least a year of teaching experience, and fifty or more Anusara practice hours (approval required).

Application Process:
Submit all completed applications to Annie or Natalie:

✭Annie –
✭Natalie –

We select our students carefully to ensure that everyone admitted is prepared for the course.

Yoga Alliance Certification will be issued only to students who complete all three parts.

The Directors:
Sisters Annie Adamson and Natalie Gildersleeve are confident, knowledgeable, and approachable instructors. People say their instruction is fun, safe, inspiring, and personally transcendent.

Annie Adamson is co-owner of Yoga Union Community Wellness Center. She is an accredited Anusara instructor, and she holds certification in Hot and Vinyasa yoga. She infuses her classes with stories that light the heart and impassion the practice.

Natalie received her 500-hour Hatha yoga certification from D’ana Baptiste, and has been studying Anusara yoga for the past four years. She recently moved to Portland after owning and running a yoga studio in Utah. She is nurturing and inspiring, and she encourages each person to find their authentic voice and inner wisdom.

What Graduates are Saying:
“I began my journey as a yoga teacher Yoga Union’s 200-hour transformative teacher training. This was a life-changing experience for me and gave me a solid foundation of knowledge.” Amy Bratton

“The Yoga Union Teacher Training was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did I become a more confident and knowledgeable practitioner, but a more honest, patient, and compassionate human. Annie and Natalie exude positivity, and their pure love of teaching and community made it one of the richest experiences I’ve had. The solid foundation they provide is essential for anyone who is committed to the practice and study of yoga.” Jainee Dial

Upcoming Trainings:

Each section is ten days long, with one day off. Students will complete 65 in-studio hours and 15 home study hours in each section. Total Hours – 240

✦Receive a $400 discount if you purchase all 3 parts together.
✦Please scroll to the bottom to view prices and to register.

☯July 2011 – Part 1 – Set the Foundation
June 30th through July 10th
More Details:

☯October 2011 – Part 2 – The Art of Teaching
October 6th through 16th
Daily schedule coming soon – please check back

☯March 2012 – Part 3 – Refine and Shine
March 1st through 11th
Includes a 3 night retreat – location TBD
Daily schedule coming soon – please check back


✰$3200 – All three parts – July 2011, October 2011, March 2012 (retreat included) price includes a $400 discount for purchasing all 3 parts together.
✰$1200 – Part one – July 2011
✰$1200 – Part two – October 2011
✰$1200 – Part three – March 2012 (retreat included)


1. Fill out and submit application

2. Wait for acceptance notification

3. Make payment

4. View the reading list and begin.

We require a $400 deposit, which is non-refundable.

Please contact Annie or Natalie with any questions:
Annie –
Natalie –



Street Yoga

Street Yoga is a local Portland non-profit organization that was started in 2002 by a group of yoga teachers going to teach yoga at a day shelter.  Street yoga serves to teach students, young adults, families, and caregivers who may have had endured abuse, addiction, trauma, homelessness, being at risk, or any personal obstacles an opportunity to learn effective social skills amongst peers while learning the founded fundamentals of breathing and positive reinforcements through the teachings and principals of yoga.  Trained volunteers teach yoga to 22 local organizations who bring their clients the gift of yoga.

Street Yoga Mission:
“Street Yoga gives youth and their caregivers the tools to overcome early life trauma, through the sharing of life-building mindfulness and wellness practices grounded in the ancient healing principles of yoga. We serve by helping them create a sense of true home in their own bodies, minds and communities”
Please go to to learn about all the programs in Portland that Street Yoga provides.
Join us on  March 19th at 4:30pm as we come together at Yoga Union for “Heart Yoga with Annie and Todd”, an Anusara Inspired, donation only class. All procedes will go to influence the impact Street Yoga has with Portland’s own OutsideIn.

Suggested Donation $8 – $18. An RSVP is greatly appreciated.

Wanderlust Field Trip!

Starting on March 19th, we have many exciting and wonderful trips and events planned. Everything from Street Yoga, Yoga in Park, maybe a surfing/yoga field trip or two and a trip to one of the most enchanting yoga and music events in the world.
On July 28th, Yoga Union will be renting a 16 person van and taking a limited number of yogis down to Wanderlust, in the breathtaking Lake Tahoe Valley. There will be fun in the sun and dancing under the stars with the most wonderful group of people to ever gather in California. Take workshops with the world’s leading yogis durning the days and dance to shakra spinning musical performances by Michael Franti, The Wailers and many others during the nights.

Party Bus:
Join Yoga Union on our party bus, or take your own transport, but be sure you purchase your tickets though YU because your tickets will be discounted 5%!! Camp, rent a hotel with a pool, sleep in your car or in your at a friends house; no matter what your sleeping arrangements happen to be you can still hitch a ride down with the Yoga Union crew. Check out the flier for more details, or get ahold of Natalie Gildersleeve   for any further questions/reservations 503-260-4872

Space is extremely limited, so make your reservations today!

Beat Your Next Hangover

The Dahn Yoga & Health Centers just released a silly video with instructions for beating your next hangover. It happens to the best of us, a few more tricks up your sleeve can’t hurt! Many of these tricks actually will make you feel better as they will kick start your body into releasing toxins at an increased rate. Your liver will start filtering more efficiently, while over all circulation rate increases will help flush your blood stream of any “bad blood”.

Try it out and let us know how it worked, or have a friend try and see what their reactions are.

If you have any tried and true methods for kicking a hang over, what are they and where did you learn them?

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s Yoga Product Highlight Day! Today we are not so much highlighting a yoga product as we are a whole yoga shop. We don’t sell their products in the our little yoga shop, but we wanted to let you know about an amazing yoga store here in Portland.

Lululemon is an international yoga product company based out of BC Canada that specializes in “technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits”. Not only do they have a wonderful store nestled behind Whole Foods in NW Portland, but they also teach classes once a week right out of their store. This month is extra special because Lululemon is highlighting Yoga Union Community Wellness Center for the whole month of February.

Lululemon does more than sell yoga products, they also teach classes right out of their store! Along with highlighting Yoga Union, they have asked to our our teachers to teach this months yoga classes. Both Tess Velo and Lyf Gildersleeve have been chosen by Lululemon to represent Yoga Union, teaching a total of 2 classes each. We don’t yet know what style of yoga they will be leading, but we encourage you to head over to Lululemon and check out what products they have to offer!

Ladies, do you need new yoga shorts or a new skirt? Maybe your old tank top is worn and tired? Check out their collection of yoga products geared for women and get ready for spring with a new tank top. Gentlemen, have you been wearing an old pair of sweats or track pants and been curious what it would be like to have an outfit that was specially designed for doing yoga? Hop on over to their online shop and find a whole range of cool products that do have some stretch, but not when it comes to your wallet.

Here’s the Lululemon February teaching schedule if you were curious about joining Tess or Lyf this month.
Tues., Feb. 1st, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tess Velo
Tues., Feb. 8th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tess Velo
Tues., Feb. 15th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Lyf Gildersleeve
Tues., Feb. 22nd, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Lyf Gildersleeve

Thanks Lululemon for highlighting Yoga Union Community Wellness Center and for providing Portland with some of the freshest yoga gear.

New Years Special Ends Today!

Late start on your New Years Resolutions? Good news, you have one more day for an unlimited month of yoga for $99 – regularly $120!

With the summer days of shorts, flip flops, tank tops and sunglasses quickly approaching us there is no time like the present to jump start getting fit for summer. Yoga Union offers various classes from intermediate to experienced levels at various times everyday to suite your weekly schedule. Classes offered range from Yoga 101 to learn the basics of your yoga journey to Hot Flow Yoga to Anusara Inspired level 2.
Offer ends today on this fantastic deal, make plans with friends – spread the word and enjoy a great time with your friends and loved-ones. Makes a fantastic gift too. : )

Stay tuned every week as we discuss the class types in depth as well as other interesting reads.

Yoga Union with Sianna, Jan 2011 Rock the Bhakti Tour, Playshops, Music and more!

Sianna Sherman is an internationally recognized certified Anusara Yoga teacher. In 2008 she was chosen by Yoga Journal as one of 21 talented young teachers who are shaping the future of yoga. Sianna playfully weaves alignment, therapeutics, and creative sequencing with stories, poetry, and Tantric philosophy that embraces the fullness of life. She has a special devotion to Collaboration, Community and Collectively Conscious Gatherings. She bows to all her teachers on this path of Grace, especially to John Friend, Paul Muller-Ortega, and Douglas Brooks.

Radiant Health – Therapeutics for the Upper Body
Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment are powerful tools of transformation to help bring the body into a state of ease with the optimal blueprint. This class is for anyone who wishes for greater health in the shoulders, neck and upper body. Class will be an interactive, hands-on approach. Come ready to help each other.
Tapasya – Stoking the Inner Fire
Come join this alchemizing evening of stoking the inner fire with a potpourri of asana and full on devotion. It’s the path of the heart and the heat of our innermost dedication that turns lead into gold. Be ready to sweat and shine.
Brilliance, Bhakti and Backbends
Wake up your brilliance with this up-tempo practice of standing poses and backbends for all levels of practitioners. Together we will ignite our practice with the path of Bhakti Yoga and infuse our lives with the power of Love.
Listen Within – Hips and Meditation
The afternoon session will be an in depth exploration of hip openers, twists and some basic inversions to guide each person into the inner terrain of the ultimate teacher within.
Calling All Courageous Hearts!  (Intermediate/Advanced)
Jump in and play the edge in this lively practice of arm balances and deeper backbends with the Goddess Durga as our inspiration.  Durga rides the lion as a symbol of the yogi’s courageous heart. Bring an open mind, willing heart and smiling eyes.