Wanderlust Festival and Party Bus Option

Party Bus to Tahoe

Join the Yoga Union on our first ever festival field trip. We’ll build the  spirit of community as we travel together aboard a 16 passenger van. Purchase your wanderlust tickets from Yoga Union and receive a 5% discount. This is sure to be an epic and unforgettable adventure!

The bus will depart from the Yoga Union July 27th at 8:00 am, and return by 8:00 pm August 1st.

Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot today!

Reserve your festival and/or party bus tickets by April 30th. You can purchase either of these online! PURCHASE NOW

Wanderlust is a one-of-a-kind festival bringing together the world’s best yoga and wellness teachers and top musical acts and DJs, all in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty.

We’re talking about fun in the sun and dancing under the stars. Getting your down dog on at the top of the mountain and sipping poolside cocktails with your crew. Early morning meditations and all-night chakra spinning musical performances. The epic Lake Tahoe Valley in all of its picturesque glory. A place to root down and rise up, to get centered on your yoga mat and get funky on the dance floor – lux rooms, fresh healthy food, and good people.Yoga, music, nature, and a whole lot more. This is Wanderlust California.


Check out the Wanderlust Website.

Contact Natalie Gildersleeve for details or to for more information:

nataliegildersleeve@gmail.com 503-260-4872

Thank you for your continued support!


Your friends at Yoga Union


One response to “Wanderlust Festival and Party Bus Option

  1. I love yoga! this sounds fun. Especially the trip on the party bus!

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