Nuclear Fallout Precautions for West Coast

Heiko Koester is a Eugene based ecological landscape designer. Primarily self-taught, he has been working closely with home and landowners on a wide variety of projects for 18 years. He has a deep horticultural and ecological knowledge of medicinal, edible, and native plants. He is trained in permaculture design, a former student of Columbines School of Botanical Studies, and teaches occasionally on a wide variety of subjects related to sustainable gardening.

Dear Friends, Like me, you may be concerned about the possibility of nuclear radiation reaching us on the west coast.  A recent news item indicates that such fallout may reach us as early as tomorrow, Friday, 18 March. experts suggest that the likelihood is small that significant quantities of radioactive particles will reach us here from the release at the Japanese plant earlier this week.  However, if you are like me you may be: -skeptical of the pronouncements of officials and experts -interested in minimizing even very minor detrimental health effects There are 3 things you can do to protect yourself during the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan:
1) Eat seaweed, spirulina, and/or miso.  Read more at:
2) Cover your food plants and beds with plastic or tarps.  Radium particles (a major portion of the fallout in western Europe during Chernobyl) have a half life of only 30 days.  Shielding the areas of your garden where you are currently harvesting could make a huge difference in your exposure.
3) Wash all your produce carefully before eating.  Believe it or not, this does actually remove the vast majority of radioactive particles from your food.  The last place you want the particles is inside your body. If you wish to take any of these precautions you may want to continue them until at least one week after the current Japanese nuclear crisis is over.  Also, watch for reports from independent experts who may be taking geiger readings on the west coast over the next few months. Remember to send love and prayers to Japan



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