Wanderlust Field Trip!

Starting on March 19th, we have many exciting and wonderful trips and events planned. Everything from Street Yoga, Yoga in Park, maybe a surfing/yoga field trip or two and a trip to one of the most enchanting yoga and music events in the world.
On July 28th, Yoga Union will be renting a 16 person van and taking a limited number of yogis down to Wanderlust, in the breathtaking Lake Tahoe Valley. There will be fun in the sun and dancing under the stars with the most wonderful group of people to ever gather in California. Take workshops with the world’s leading yogis durning the days and dance to shakra spinning musical performances by Michael Franti, The Wailers and many others during the nights.

Party Bus:
Join Yoga Union on our party bus, or take your own transport, but be sure you purchase your tickets though YU because your tickets will be discounted 5%!! Camp, rent a hotel with a pool, sleep in your car or in your at a friends house; no matter what your sleeping arrangements happen to be you can still hitch a ride down with the Yoga Union crew. Check out the flier for more details, or get ahold of Natalie Gildersleeve   for any further questions/reservations -NatalieGildersleeve@gmail.com 503-260-4872

Space is extremely limited, so make your reservations today!


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