Yoga Union with Sianna, Jan 2011 Rock the Bhakti Tour, Playshops, Music and more!

Sianna Sherman is an internationally recognized certified Anusara Yoga teacher. In 2008 she was chosen by Yoga Journal as one of 21 talented young teachers who are shaping the future of yoga. Sianna playfully weaves alignment, therapeutics, and creative sequencing with stories, poetry, and Tantric philosophy that embraces the fullness of life. She has a special devotion to Collaboration, Community and Collectively Conscious Gatherings. She bows to all her teachers on this path of Grace, especially to John Friend, Paul Muller-Ortega, and Douglas Brooks.

Radiant Health – Therapeutics for the Upper Body
Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment are powerful tools of transformation to help bring the body into a state of ease with the optimal blueprint. This class is for anyone who wishes for greater health in the shoulders, neck and upper body. Class will be an interactive, hands-on approach. Come ready to help each other.
Tapasya – Stoking the Inner Fire
Come join this alchemizing evening of stoking the inner fire with a potpourri of asana and full on devotion. It’s the path of the heart and the heat of our innermost dedication that turns lead into gold. Be ready to sweat and shine.
Brilliance, Bhakti and Backbends
Wake up your brilliance with this up-tempo practice of standing poses and backbends for all levels of practitioners. Together we will ignite our practice with the path of Bhakti Yoga and infuse our lives with the power of Love.
Listen Within – Hips and Meditation
The afternoon session will be an in depth exploration of hip openers, twists and some basic inversions to guide each person into the inner terrain of the ultimate teacher within.
Calling All Courageous Hearts!  (Intermediate/Advanced)
Jump in and play the edge in this lively practice of arm balances and deeper backbends with the Goddess Durga as our inspiration.  Durga rides the lion as a symbol of the yogi’s courageous heart. Bring an open mind, willing heart and smiling eyes.

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