Muscular Energy and Organic energy

Muscular energy and organic energy are the two primary forms of energy and alignment within the flow of Anasura Yoga. Muscular energy, initiated first, is the flow of energy from the outside in. Muscular energy is the conscious movement of energy along the lines of the body, drawing muscle to bone and connecting limbs to joints as the energy moves ever inward to the body’s core. This integration of the outer body to the inner creates greater strength and stability, and is the result of great intention and awareness of the body moving within the flow of the poses. Organic energy is the reciprocal flow of energy from the inside out. Organic energy originates in the core focal points of the body and radiates outward, lengthening the limbs and expanding the muscles through expressive ranges of motion. A balanced flow of postures maintain the flow of muscular and organic energy to the outermost and innermost limits of the physical experience.

Focal points

The focal point of the body is the central point of power within any given asana, or yoga pose. The focal point of a pose is the central point within the body to which muscular energy is drawn and from which organic energy radiates. There are three possible focal points within the body, all located along the central line of energy and determined accorded to the most weight-bearing place of each pose.

The three possible focal points (and common corresponding poses) are:

  • The core of the pelvis. (standing poses)
  • The bottom of the heart. (most arm balances)
  • The center of the upper palate in the mouth. (inversions)

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