AWESOME ALIGNMENT: Yoga for Healing, Power and Happiness

Aligning your structural body can free you up to truly enjoy your practice and build strength in a functional and lasting way.  Using your practice to align your thoughts and actions with your ethics and all that you find meaniful, valuable and purposeful in your life can bring you greater joy!  In this workshop you will learn about skeletal and muscular alignment and how to fine tune your poses to get the most out of them…the most healing from injuries, the most strength building and the most sweetness.  You will also be guided to become aware of your internal dialogue and how that affects what you experience and create…both in your practice and your life.  Angelina is an anatomy nerd and has a knack for detailing the specifics of how to get more connected and present in your body.  She also has a major passion for lighting the spark of kindness, compassion and acceptance in her students by encouraging them to get honest, (physically, emotionally and spiritually!), so that they may live and act as their Spirit/TrueSelf dictates.
Using Pilates concepts, functional anatomy and an exhilarating Forrest Yoga-inspired sequence, you’ll learn how to align and refine your body and your practice.
This workshop is designed for those with a regular practice.  We will play with inversions, but only to the level you are comfortable with! The room will be heated to 80 degrees to generate a cleansing sweat!
Cost $45


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