Yoga with Babies

The addition of an infant (or a roomful of infants) may seem counter-intuitive to a peaceful, focused yoga session, but more and more often this can be essential to a regular and fulfilling daily yoga practice for parents. For many mothers (and fathers), bringing their infant or toddler into their yoga practice is the solution to finding time to exercise without outside childcare, while nurturing the parent-child bond and instilling values and awareness of mind and body health from birth.

During the yoga class or session, the parent will often place a towel or mat next to their own for their child. Infants will usually lay quietly or sleep here throughout the class, and older babies and toddlers can be encouraged to remain close to their parent while resting or trying out their own poses. Formal parent/baby yoga classes welcome and understand the interruptions that come along with the presence of a baby, and breastfeeding, diaper-changing, soothing, etc. is not considered a disruption to the class.


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