The Evolution of Yoga Union:

You may have noticed that we’ve been making a few changes around the studio. Just as our students grow and evolve in their yoga lifestyles, so do we as teachers and the studio as a whole. Many of the changes we have made over the years involve improving the studio in little, or sometimes drastic ways.

When you come into the studio you may notice the curved, bamboo desk in the entry way. The replacement of our ugly, rectangle desk was a welcome change to the energy of the room, as it is such a beautiful addition to the studio. Some people may also remember how the old desk was covered in posters which would blow in the wind, sometimes floating across the room. We know sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest  influence on the energies in a room.

If you were with us when we first opened, you may remember how Yoga Union was carpeted in it’s entirety. We had been wanting to install a nice wood floor in the studio and are happy that project is behind us.  Tearing up the carpet in the studio space meant we could practice in a more comfortable setting. The wood floors have been such a blessing to us here at Yoga Union. Not only are they easier to clean after a hot yoga class, but the floor represents the energy of grounding and stability, they are also the foundation of feng shui.

Some time ago we also transformed the second studio into a more comfortable and welcoming tea room. The cushions and tea tables offer a relaxing atmosphere for everyone to share. We are always trying to strengthen the bonds between our community and the space we have been blessed with, the tea room was our first extension of that. Having a place to display and sell Yoga Union t-shirts, books, hot tea, yoga pads and yoga accessories means we can be a knowledgeable resource for you to purchase quality yoga products and find useful information. As we continue to evolve, we will be creating new community spaces and thinking of different ways to make the space we have more accessible and inviting to everyone.

We are also excited to say that one of the latest changes we have made at Yoga Union is the creation of a new logo! Our very own Jainee took this project under her wing and we are more than happy with the results. We have started to integrate the new logo into everything. Replacing old with the new can be hard sometimes but in this case it is a welcome development. With the creation of our new logo we have had to use and replace paper with our letterhead on it, update our website and social networks and now replace the sign that sits above Yoga Union. People have asked what happened to the old sign, thinking it came down in a storm or that we took it down because we are closing our doors. Let me reassure you that we are not closing. We have plans to be open for a long, long time, but that means keeping current and up-to-date in everything we do.

Come share with us at Yoga Union Community Wellness Center and accept the small offering that is our studio space. We hope this is a place you always feel welcome, even when you are not here for class. Keep your eyes up to the sky when you come to Yoga Union to see how the sign progress is coming along. It shouldn’t be long now!


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