Handstand and Hanumanasana Workshop

Handstand Workshop:

Handstand is a courageous, fulfilling posture; invigorating and exciting is the moment when it all comes together.  Have you ever wanted to go up into a handstand on your own, jump to it from downward facing dog, or take yourself from trying to balance to settling comfortably on your hands?  In this workshop, we will break down everything from fingertips to toes and show how it all fits together. In this workshop Brent teaches effective ways to approach your goals with this tantalizing and enlivening pose.


Must be willing to take your handstand practice to the next level.

Hanumanasana Workshop:

Hanumanasana requires flexibility, power, unwavering strength and refined sensitivity. You may feel up against a seemingly insurmountable task. However, by establishing yourself in a steadfast connection to your heart, your breath and your alignment, what seems like impossibility becomes an invitation to discover your own greatness and freedom.


A commitment to approach this class as a service to yourself.

A little about Brent Kuecker:

Brent has been practicing and studying Anusara yoga and philosophy since 2001.  As an Anusara-InspiredÔyoga teacher he gives recognition to his teachers for being generous, willing and patient enough to entrain him in the art of teaching yoga and maintains heartfelt prayers that any gifts given to him may be passed on to others.  Brent infuses his classes with a feeling of playfulness and an appreciation for a softening of the heart. He encourages his students to play on the edge and lovingly push their boundaries toward the highest vision of themselves.


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